Open a Bank Account

You need a D-number or Personal Number

As a foreigner, the hardest thing you need in order to be able to open a bank account in Norway is a D-number or Personal Number. This is an ID number issued by the Norwegian tax office. For information on how to get a D-number or Personal Number call the Service for Foreign Workers. Once you have this you can open a bank account.

Best Value Norwegian Banks

For the best deposit rates, loans and mortgage rates, I have found the online Norwegian banks to be the best value. Of course, you don’t get the convenience of going into the branch but the fees are extremely low and the rates on credit cards, mortgages, and deposits are better value. As a foreigner, I want low fees on credit or debit card use overseas. These banks charge no extra fees when using their cards outside of norway. The three best online savings banks are;

If you decide to open a bank account with an online Norwegian bank and you are new to Norway you will need to first lodge your personal details (name and D-number or Personal Number) with the credit services company the banks use. In most cases this will be Experian. Call them, give them your details so that you are in their database, then you will be able to lodge your application online with the bank of your choice. After you have filled you application online, you will receive a letter from the Post, to verify your identity. Make sure to bring your passport as well as a confirmation letter of your D-number or Personal Number. Without this you will have wasted your time. Note: if you do not call the credit rating agencies your online application will be rejected by the bank. if you dont bring all your papers to the Post, they will not identify your application.

Finding a Savings Bank

Here is a list of all the savings banks in Norway. Otherwise walk into a local bank branch located nearest to your home.


2 thoughts on “Open a Bank Account

  1. thanks so much. I could not believe I need to be credit checked for me to bring money into a Bank. So I went straight to the application in order to be rejected and admit that you were absolutely right! I called Experian, but mind their opening times are somewhat strange (9-11 and 12-13)…I will let you know how long to get a credit check approved as a foreigner.

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