Learning Norwegian

Free online Norwegian language course (http://www.ntnu.edu/now)

NoW is an online course in entry level Norwegian, where all the teaching aids are integrated on one website, free of charge. NoW has been developed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, by experienced instructors.

Learning the norwegian language is essential for fitting-in socially with other Norwegians in order to build a network of contacts and friends. More importantly knowing the Norwegian language it is a prerequisite for most of the jobs available in Norway. Click here: http://www.ntnu.edu/now

Next step – flexible online study (http://www.campusonline.no/english)

This website provides online tutoring and online study material at relatively cheap prices. Here you can also take a Norwegian language test and find out your level.

Buy the best book (available at www.teachyourself.com/)

Complete Norwegian: From Beginner to Level 4 by Margaretha Danbolt-Simons.

As an english speaker, this is the best book I have come across to learn the norwegian language. My norwegian partner bought it for me before I moved to Norway, it’s the best there is: Complete Norwegian: From Beginner to Level 4 by Margaretha Danbolt-Simons


3 thoughts on “Learning Norwegian

  1. as a foreign resident one should be entitled to Norwegian classes at a local venue. Worth inquiring with education office in local Kommune.

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