Health Services in Norway

The health care system in Norway has both public and private medical services.

When you first come to Norway you will probably not be a resident of Norway nor a member of the National Insurance Scheme. All persons that are not permanent residents of Norway are personally responsible to compensate/pay for any and all medical attention received. As a non-resident you will have to pay full price for either.

Finding a doctor in Norway

Public Service: you need to visit, click on “Fastlegeordningen” on the left of the page, then click on “Klikk her for å finne ledig lege“, which takes you to a search page for all public doctors in Norway.

Private Service:you need to visit the yellow pages and search under “Leger – Almenn praksis”

To find a doctor’s office in Oslo click here … Doctor’s Offices – Oslo.

Dentist Clinics in Norway

Most dentists run their own private practices, much like private doctors it’s best to check the yellow pages under “Tannleger”.

Free sexual health clinic (Oslo)

Olafiaklinikken is a center for counseling, examination and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. It is a free service in Oslo.

Once you have Norwegian residency

Everyone who is resident in a Norwegian municipality is entitled to be registered as a patient with a primary doctor (GP). In addition, asylum seekers and their family members are also entitled to be registered with a primary doctor (GP). The right lapses if the asylum application is rejected. This is called the primary doctor scheme.

To find yourself a GP you need to call the Norwegian Health Economics Administration ( and provide them with your name and Personal Number or D-number.

You will also need to visit to order an electronic ID (minID number) & pin code to log-in to the website to change GP, and log-in to other public services websites. How to obtain your electronic ID here.


One thought on “Health Services in Norway

  1. I am American. I will be visiting norway in June. The std tests here for uninsured people are around 600usd. I’m wondering what the cost of an std test is in norway for a tourist.
    Thank you

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