Finding work

Learn basic norwegian language

For English speakers, finding work in Norway has become much more difficult than it was a few decades ago. Many older Norwegians speak very little or no English however nowadays young Norwegians entering the workforce are well educated and speak fluent  English. Therefore English speakers coming to Norway have lost much of the competitive advantage they would have had in the 90s. Learning basic Norwegian is essential in improving your chances of landing your desired job. See my language page for tips…

List of recruitment agencies in Norway

Register your CV with recruitment agencies in order to get as much exposure to the Norwegian job market as possible. When I moved to Norway I maximized my chances of finding work by creating a list of Norwegian recruitment agencies to send my CV to …

Autosearch on

To receive relevant ads automatically by e-mail, do a search on – then click on  Save Search (with or without email notification) to “you have applied” box to the left of the search result. will then email you any relevant new job advertisements that fit your search criteria.


6 thoughts on “Finding work

  1. Hi !
    I went in Norway and I worked there as CNC operator & programmer. After some years, I want come back to work in Norway but I don”t speak Norwegian. I intend to learn it when I will be there. Do you think I have chance to find a new job ? Thanx

  2. “List of recruitment agencies in Norway” is a really useful portion of your post for anyone who is looking for recruitment agencies or services. It’s clear and explains the basic things you need to have in place to ensure every one understands what’s expected of them. I really appreciate the examples given.

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